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List of features supported in version 0.7

Base NetMX package (equivalent of

  • MBeanServer definition (IMBeanServer interface). All methods except queries are supported.
  • MBeanInfo classes
  • ObjectName class
  • Permissions (MBeanPermission and MBeanCASPermission represents principal permission and Code Access Security permission)
  • NotificationEmitter (INotificationEmitter interface). There is no support for old NotificationBroadcaster interface.

Unique NetMX features include:

  • Support for localization of standard MBeans (descriptions)
  • Exceptions include cause of failure in separate property (not just plain message) for easier handling
  • Support for declarative notifications in standard MBeans - to read more click here.

NetMX remote access abstraction (equivalent of

  • Almost full support of all classes and interfaces
  • Slightly different approach to security
    • No support for passing Subject in each request
    • SecurityService and SecurityProvider used to authorize and authenticate requests (in place of JMXAuthorizer)

NetMX relation implementation (equivalent of

  • Contains all the features of JMX version
  • Supported in web access project - users can navigate from one MBean to another using relations

NetMX proxy abstraction (no JMX equivalent since Java has built-in proxy support)

  • Provides simple abstraction for proxying MBeans
  • Castle.DynamicProxy implementation
  • Can be implemented using different proxy engines

NetMX open MBean implementation (equivalent of

  • Contains all the features of JMX version

Unique NetMX features include:

  • Built-in support for standard open MBeans

NetMX Remoting remote access implementation (equivalent of

  • RMI replaced in .NET by Remoting implementation
  • Full support for all IMBeanServer
  • Support for Windows-based security
    • Impersonating Windows principal during Remoting request execution
    • Mapping Windows Groups to NetMX principal permissions (1:n relation)

NetMX WCF remote access implementation (no java equivalent)

  • Support for most WCF bindings (BasicHttp, WSHttp, NetTcp, NetPipes)
  • No support for notifications

NetMX JSR-262 remote access implementation (equivalent of ws-jmx-connector)

  • No support for notifications (under development now)

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