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List of NetMX sample projects


This is the first project you should run when beginning your adventure with NetMX. It shows how to configure NetMX to create default instance of MBean server and how to interact with local server through its IMBeanServer interface. Sample code registers a simple MBean and then shows how NetMX API works when:
  • obtaining MBean metadata via GetMBeanInfo
  • adding notifiacation listener
  • getting and setting attribute values
  • invoking operations


This sample shows how the default NetMX connector works. There is some extra configuration in app.config file. This sample intentionally contains almost the same code as SimpleConsoleDemo -- its purpuse is to show that NetMX API is independent of whether is used locally or remotely via a connector.


This sample shows usage of JSR-262-compliant connector. JSR-262 is a Java Specification Request describing technology-agnostic web service-based JMX connector. JSR-262 is built on top of WS-Management specification which itself is built on top of other 3 WS-* protocols: WS-Transfer, WS-Eventing and WS-Enumeration. Jsr262 sample code is similar to RemotingDemo but doesn't contain notification registration because this feature is not supported yet.


This is last connector-related sample. It demonstrates native WCF connector. It cannot be used to connect to JMX-based nodes but is optimized for NetMX-to-NetMX scenarios. WCF connector can be used with all the popular bindings like BasicHttp, WSHttp, NetTCP and NetPipes. Unfortunately in current version there is no support for notifications.
This sample also shows Spring-integration capabilities. These are quite limiter now, but are scheduled to be developed in near future.


This sample shows usage of one of generic MBeans provided with NetMX distribution. Timer bean can be used to execute management tasks periodically. It contains quite powerful interface for registering tasks. Demo shows simple interval-bases usage scenario.


This application demonstrates another generic MBean -- the PerfCounterMBean. It allows to export as MBean attributes any of system performance counters and can narrow them to show only date related to the process which is hosting the bean. Sample shows how to this MBean can be configured in code and in configuration file.

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