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NetMX equivilent to JConsole?

Dec 23, 2010 at 12:54 AM

First off, thanks for writing NetMX.  

I'm doing some work in C#, and none of the standard .NET technologies seem to be a good implementation of the JMX concept. (Mostly because both PerfCounters and WMI require administrator access and installation into a global registry, yuck).  It's interesting that despite some parts of the .NET design being better than the JVM (assemblies, pre-compiled shared libraries, type-instantited generics) the environment is still a bit saddled by Microsoft's "install to the global registry" view of the world. 

I noticed some notes about .aspx pages, and such, but is there a standalone GUI equivilent to JConsole?

Having an application like this is much of the benefit of JMX. The windows equivilent to this is perfmon.exe, but as I mentioned above, it's designed around the broken concept of things added to the registry. 

Dec 23, 2010 at 10:24 AM

Hi jeske

Unfortunately there is no JConsole equivalent. I put some effort to make NetMX interoperable with JConsole via JSR-262 specification (based on WS-Management protocol) but it is not fully functional. Further more JSR-262 never got into production state and there is no production-usable Java implementation of it (the reference implementation license prohibits production use).

I don't currenty work on NetMX so I can't tell you if and when JConsole equivalent will be available. My priority is to build super-lightweight in-proc web interface.



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